Antigua and Barbuda: the beach is just the beginning

Barbuda, the smaller twin island of Antigua, reveals its hidden wonders, inviting all visitors to experience a unique adventure amidst nature, history, and culture. This Caribbean gem, reachable in a 20-minute flight or approximately an hour and a half by sea from its larger sister, Antigua, preserves an untouched beauty waiting to be explored.

From the pink beaches of Low Bay and Palmetto Point to the coral reef of Palaster Reef, to the fascinating caves revealing the hidden wonders of nature and the history of Barbuda through the indelible traces of the Arawak, and then to savor the delightful local cuisine at Uncle Roddy’s Restaurant and the elegant Barbuda Belle Luxury Beach Hotel.

A must is also an excursion to the “sanctuary” of frigates, a paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

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