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Antigua and Barbuda: the beach is just the beginning

Barbuda, the smaller twin island of Antigua, reveals its hidden wonders, inviting all visitors to experience a unique adventure amidst nature, history, and culture. This Caribbean gem, reachable in a 20-minute flight or approximately an hour and a half by sea from its larger sister, Antigua, preserves an untouched beauty waiting to be explored. From […]

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ice cream shop

The Real Roman “Vegan” Gelato!

How often do we hear about vegan ice cream or read about ice cream shops that produce it? Are we really sure that the final product is vegan in the purest sense of the word and of good quality? Here are our suggestions to our foreign friends who want to enjoy a real vegan ice […]

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Re.Open Eu

Safe Traveling Europe

Viaggiare Sicuri in Europa Viaggiare sicuri in Europa. Il 15 giugno 2020, La Commissione Europea ha lanciato l’app Re-open Eu. Si tratta di una piattaforma web multilingue con mappa interattiva costantemente aggiornata. Si potranno pianificare vacanze sicure in Europa nel periodo post-Covid 19. Come funziona la mappa per organizzare le vacanze in Europa? L’uso di Re-open EU è semplice e intuitivo. […]

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Outdoor Tour: Ancient Ostia, the First Colony

Guided Tour in Ancient Ostia, the first port and the Granary of Rome. A suggestive itinerary between houses , shops, places&workship and fun. In this way we will get to know the flourishing and populous shopping center of the time. Ancient Ostia  was founded by the will of Anco Marzio around the seventh century  A.C. at […]

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Summer Offer: Summer 2021 in Calabria

Summer holiday  experience in Hotel Club Baia dei Gigli, Capo Piccolo. Lets have  at our  Flash Offer: Date: From  June  27th 2021 to   July 04th 20121 total  7 nights Prices: from  290€ per  person  including  Full Board Included + drinks+ Beach Services+entertainment + outdoor swimming pool Read More

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Ponte del 25 Aprile a Londra: 4 giorni e 3 notti € 560

Ponte del 25 Aprile a Londra, tre giorni e 4 notti a Londra città eclettica ed entusiasmante, che ospita alcune delle migliori vedute e attrazioni del mondo. Con tante cose da fare, non è certo facile elencare tutti I principali motivi per visitarla: ecco alcuni suggerimenti che potrete seguire durante il vostro Ponte del 25 Aprile trascorso […]

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Week end romantico con Spa: Tarquinia 2 gg da 125 euro

Week end romantico con Spa Due giorni dedicati alla coppia in questa proposta di vacanza per un weekend romantico in un Hotel con Spa a Tarquinia, Lazio. A breve distanza da Roma, sorge l’hotel 4*, immerso nello spettacolare paesaggio rurale della valle del fiume Marta e circondato da vigneti, dalle mura castellane di Tarquinia e dalla vegetazione […]

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Vatican Tours

Every European city place has its unique charisma, but none draws such attention and visitors frequently like Vatican City. A beloved destination for millions of visitors & pilgrims worldwide, the Vatican City is located in the very heart of Rome and is home to the Pope and a trove of incredible art and architecture. The […]

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Italy Bike Tours

It’s time to explore Italy as our bike tour takes you through some of the world’s most fascinating destinations. From the vine-covered ridges of Piedmont and the snow-capped peaks of the towering Dolomites, to the olive groves of Umbria and Tuscany and the blue coastal waters of Puglia, Sicily, and the Cinque Terre, Italy has a […]

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Last minute Ponte dell’Immacolata: romantica Assisi 3 giorni e 2 notti da € 159

SPECIALE PONTE DELL’IMMACOLATA 2016 Tre giorni dedicati alla coppia in questa proposta di vacanza per un Last minute ponte dell’Immacolata in un Hotel con Spa ad Assisi. Fuori la bellezza di Assisi e dell’Umbria, dentro l’Hotel una calda atmosfera per voi due con un trattamento di coppia tutto da godere. Il Resort & Spa immerso […]

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