What are the advantages of contacting a travel agency rather than organizing the trip on my own?

We will certainly be able to advise you for the best, propose solutions at the best quality / price ratio, we will follow you in every step, from the moment of the quote, to the booking and throughout the journey, until your return. But above all … “We are here!” and we are willing to put all our experience at your disposal.

Why should I choose your agency rather than another?

Simply because we know our territory and most of the most famous foreign destinations very well. We collaborate with trusted, selected and valid suppliers and above all because we carry out our work with great passion and a constant desire to propose original travel packages, tailor-made, with the sole aim of indelible memories in your memory.

We would like to book our honeymoon, but we would like it to be unique and original, how can you help us?

All our honeymoons are unique! No trip is the same as the other. How do we do this? Simply because before each proposal we listen carefully to all your wishes, your expectations and only after you have answered a series of questions, we will proceed with the construction of your trip that together with you and our experts we will modify until the itinerary is perfect.

We would like to open a wedding list that includes our trip, can you offer this service?

Yes of course. We can offer you a very original and interactive wedding list. It is a real website of the spouses, with your caricatures and the whole itinerary of the journey, stage by stage. Guests will have the possibility to help you realize you perfect honeymoon and will be able to see which “part” of the trip they have contributed with … The list also offers the possibility of entering information on the position and distribution of guests in the various tables, it is also possible to add a questionnaire to which relatives and friends can participate and many other information. This is the website dedicated to “Your Event”!

Can I purchase individual services such as medical insurance, airline ticketing, booking hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas and apartments?

Yes of course. As a travel agency and tour operator, we can help you select and purchase individual elements of your trip as well. This means that if, for example, you have received airline tickets as a gift and want to book only medical insurance, or car rental, or hotel, we can help you.

What is the difference between private tour, semi-private tour or group tour?

The private tour is a tour organized just for you, that is, for your family. The guide will stay with you for the set time during which you can ask all the questions that arise, you can linger as long as necessary on the various sites and, if you wish, you can also arrange changes to the itinerary with her. The semi-private tour is a tour for up to 10 people, where moments of explanation alternate with moments intended for any questions. It is a good compromise between quality and price, but obviously certain dynamics must be respected, since the group will be made up of people with different needs. The group tour is a tour in which 11 to 25 people will participate. You will be able to listen well thanks to the presence of audio supports, but the moments of interaction with the guide will be reduced. We propose this type of tour to get a maximum idea of the destinations they are visiting, but for a deeper knowledge, we suggest one of the other two solutions.

What is the link that exists between travel and the sale of wines, oil and typical Italian products?

The sale of typical Italian products, such as wines, oil, honey, comes from our project to promote “Italianness”, because in our opinion you do not know a destination completely, if you have not first tasted the food, the typical products and of course the wine. After all, each region offers one or more characteristic wines of its territory, and we want to help you discover Italy also through wines. An innovative idea of a travel agency, the right combination of beauty and good!