Italy Bike Tours

It’s time to explore Italy as our bike tour takes you through some of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

From the vine-covered ridges of Piedmont and the snow-capped peaks of the towering Dolomites, to the olive groves of Umbria and Tuscany and the blue coastal waters of Puglia, Sicily, and the Cinque Terre, Italy has a range of landscapes you never want to miss out on.

Add to this the fact that each little valley has its own parlance, architectural styles and culinary traditions, and you find a place that only grows bigger and bigger with exploration.

An amazing cycling tour through the heart of Italy

With a reputation for great service and expertise in all things cycling and Italy it is no wonder why Traveloveitaly is the preferred-most-choice of many cyclists and event organizers looking for added value.

Our aim is to create unique cycling experiences for our customers ranging from gentle rides through performance led training camps to endless vineyards.

As the modern cycling world approaches towards electronically controlled machines of ever-more exotic materials, we look back to the age when cycling was less technical, but more fun.

Our Italy bike tours are far from easy, though they hold a spirit of enjoyment derived not from who has the poshest bike or who can ride the fastest, but just from the timeless joy of biking in Italy “like it ought to be.”

Cycle through the fascinating Italy landscapes

Traveloveitaly is the go-to tour operator for bikers looking for ultimate fun in the Italian biking escapes. We are committed to providing excellent biking experiences for our clients taking care of all the minutest details so you can simply focus on enjoying the biking sport.

Why cyclists love it?

  • Beautiful terrain
  • Mild climate
  • Appealing culture
  • Home of famous Tuscany cycling region
  • Apula region with its lovely coastal vistas
  •  Dolomites and its steep and scenic mountain terrain
  •  Delicious cuisine with optional cooking classes

Whether you’re relaxing by an alpine lake, admiring Renaissance frescoes, or exploring Roman ruins, a glass of red wine and a plate of homemade local pasta served with pride are never far away.

Food, culture, people and rural landscapes come to life in the countryside when you slow down a bit and enjoy the details scenic on an Italy bike tour.

Guided by Experts!

At Traveloveitaly, we’ve married our rich experience with unmatched passion for Italy leading to small-group, high-performance Italy bike tours that are custom designed by local guides and experts.

Our Italy bike tours will pedal you to the most amazing art cities including Florence, Venice, Pisa and Lucca. Add to this the amazing rural landscapes of Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Chianti and Maremma areas of Tuscany and you’ll be having the best of what Italy has to offer.

Come share our Italian passion for all good things in life: wine, food, beauty, friend… and the cycling sport that comes from the heart. Feel free to have a look around our website and contact us today to plan your perfect cycling experience in Italy.