Outdoor Tour: Ancient Ostia, the First Colony

Guided Tour in Ancient Ostia, the first port and the Granary of Rome.

A suggestive itinerary between houses , shops, places&workship and fun.

In this way we will get to know the flourishing and populous shopping center of the time.

Ancient Ostia  was founded by the will of Anco Marzio around the seventh century  A.C. at the Mouth of Tiber’s river.

The outdoor colony continued to expand with the growth of Rome and it was for many centuries the port as well as the Capital’s Granaio.

With Pompei is the largest archaeological site of the planet with an area of 150 ectars and we know just the 40% of all this big site.

Our expert and passionate “archeaologist” Alessandro will lead the way and will explain what was a real sorting Center of Commercial goods directed to Rome

Our Tour includes the following  route:

  • The Necropolis of via Ostiense
  • Porta Romana
  • The Baths of Cisiari
  • The Baths of Neptune
  • The Theater and the Piazzale delle Corporazioni
  • The Bakery in via dei Mulini
  • Diana’s house and the Thermopolium
  • The Forum

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