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The Real Roman “Vegan” Gelato!

How often do we hear about vegan ice cream or read about ice cream shops that produce it? Are we really sure that the final product is vegan in the purest sense of the word and of good quality?

Here are our suggestions to our foreign friends who want to enjoy a real vegan ice cream in Rome, off the beaten track.

The first vegan ice cream shop we want to recommend is Gelatario. The attention to the choice of ingredients, always fresh and of quality, and its absolute respect for their seasonality are its strengths. With three shops in Rome, including the one recently opened in the Monte Mario area, it enhances the concept of Italian excellence in ice cream making and offers a completely artisanal product at a popular price. Among the most popular flavors, the inimitable Biscotto di Roma and the precious vegan Pistacchio, exaltation to the maximum power of a great classic of the art of ice cream.

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Grezzo Raw Chocolate, located in the Monti area and in the Ghetto neighborhood, produces healthy and nutritiousย  ice cream and sweets that involve the use of only organic, gluten and lactose-free ingredients, with a lot of fresh and dried fruit.

We absolutely recommend you to try the salted caramel, the right fusion of sweet and salty.

ice cream shop

Iamotti, Via Trionfale 122, is an ice cream shop located in a residential neighbourhood not far from the Vatican Museums, whose peculiarity is the production of a new taste every day. The many flavors are made with 100% organic ingredients of non-animal derivation.

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